History Repeats Itself With Super Mario Galaxy
One Wiiear Later

Weekly Poll: Finished Complete 100%

Weekly Poll for 11-12-2007I'm surprised to see the Miis are as popular as they are.  They're kinda neat, yeah, but I really don't do much with mine.  The new Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games includes Mii support so that players can compete with a Mii instead of the familiar roster of Mario and Sonic characters.  I played a few events as my Mii and I have to admit that it didn't do much for me.  I play video games because I want to step into the role of a super plumber or a speedy hedgehog.  I can "play" as myself any time I want in the real world. 

I finished the story portion of Super Mario Galaxy over the weekend, but the game still goes on.  Players need only collect sixty of the game's one hundred and twenty stars to wrap up the plot.  The other sixty stars can be collected just for kicks.  I couldn't help wonder, however, how many people would consider the game "finished" after the story was complete.  When do you consider a game finished?  When the story ends?  When every last collectible item has been collected?  When the game's progress counter reaches 100%?  101% (Donkey Kong Country, I'm looking at you)?  Let's hear your thoughts.