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The Super Mario Carney Story

Mario and LuigiWhile reading the comments over at Metafilter about yet another "history of Super Mario" article that everyone seems to be doing this week for some strange reason, I came across this sweet story about video games, carnivals, and the eternal quest for a higher score. 

Talk of Super Mario Bros. always brings a smile to my face. If it weren’t for those games, my childhood would have been a lot less exciting. I grew up as a carney. My parents were carneys and my grandparents and great-grandparents were carneys. My father was a concessionaire who sold food at fairs all over the U.S. and Canada. He sold popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, candied apples, funnel cakes, and fiddlesticks to name a few. We lived a very nomadic sort of life, traveling around the country in an Airstream for six months out of the year. We actually lived on the fairgrounds in Winnepeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Regina during the summer.

While on the road, I had not much else to do aside from the opportunity to read. Eventually, this habit was accompanied by playing video games in my trailer. We didn’t have any television channels but did have a t.v. So I played and played and played my NES for hours. I became very skilled at a number of different games. One in particular brought me a little more fame however.

It's a little something fun for your Friday afternoon from someone by the name of Cyrena.  Enjoy!