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Kongs in concert Whew!  Stand down, everyone.  The worry and outrage over Nintendo stripping away MP3 playback capabilities from the Wii Photo Channel in favor of AAC playback isn't as bad as we thought.  Yes, the Photo Channel is getting tweaked, but custom MP3 soundtracks in Excite Truck remain intact.

[T]his update will not have an impact on Wii games which use MP3 music files. These Wii games will not be compatible with AAC files and will continue to use the MP3 file format.

What a relief!  I forget that sometimes Nintendo will answer questions with something besides "no comment" and "we do not comment on rumors and speculation".  Of course, the inevitable follow-up question has to be whether or not future games that use custom soundtracks will accept MP3s or will AAC be the format of the future?  I know, I know; pick, pick, pick.