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Brain Ache

Too many brain games How old is your brain?  How deep are your pockets?  Nintendo seems to have created a new genre of gaming with the Brain Age series of mental exercise trainers, and as we all know the surest sign of success is flattery.  Or, in this case, copying what the competition does.  If you think that Dr. Kawashima is the only brain training adviser out there then you have a lot to learn.  UK Resistance has taken a brief look at the myriad of Brain Age wannabes out there for the Nintendo DS.

It's really very shameless to copy the Brain Age concept so directly, but it's not like this kind of thing hasn't happened before.  Super Mario Bros. defined the 2D platforming template just as Super Mario 64 showed the industry how to do 3D platformers.  Super Mario Kart spawned a whole slew of mascot-based kart racers.  Nintendogs unleashed the virtual pet and baby and pet baby simulators.  In this case, however, the whole thing just seems so blatantly transparent.