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Weekly Poll: Super Sci-Fi

Weekly Poll for 9-25-2007 I hope you all are happy.  You didn't buy Halo 3 during launch week and now Microsoft and developer Bungie are splitting up!  I'm very disappointed in you.  I really expected so much more.  Such a shame.

Looking ahead, I have the science fiction bug again.  Well, to be honest, I always have it, but lately I've been raiding my DVD shelf and the TV schedule for the sci-fi more than usual.  That new Bionic Woman show has potential,  Doctor Who just finished its run on the Sci-Fi Channel for the year, Stargate Atlantis is just beginning its fourth season, BBC America is running Torchwood, HD Net is running Firefly in high definition, and I had to break out my Lone Gunmen box set for my yearly fix of the episode with the intelligent chimp.  All great shows and all could make for a good video game.  What are your thoughts?  Which modern television sci-fi franchise would you most like to see become a video game?  Cast your vote and leave some gorram comments.