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The Wii Gift That Keeps On Giving

Donkey Kong Jr. Math This holiday season it's important to remember your friends, particularly your friends who just bought or were given a Nintendo Wii.  They have a whole year's worth of gaming to catch up on and that's just considering new Wii games.  There's nearly two hundred Virtual Console games through which to pick the goodies from the gunk.  Now you can help your friends wade through the Virtual Console swamps in search of, um, swamp diamonds, I guess.  Soon you'll be able to pay for a Virtual Console game and send it to a friend.

Nintendo also unveiled a function Friday that allows users to send each other games over the Internet using the Wii's shopping channel.  With a few clicks, a user will be able to select a game to send as a gift to another user online, Iwata said. When the recipient accepts, the Wii automatically launches the shopping channel and begins the download.

"We think this will be a breakthrough in encouraging customers to spread news of fun games word of mouth," Iwata said. "We also hope to spur more users to connect their Wiis to the Internet," he said.

At last!  Now I can force people to play underappreciated gems like Kirby's Dream Course and Earthbound!  Or, at least, force those games into the list of Wii channels.  But still, that's a step up from where we were yesterday.  On the other hand, I suppose one could use this new service to send the worst gaming has to offer to one's enemies.  Yes, yes, soon I'll inflict the madness of Donkey Kong Jr. Math on those who oppose me.

(via Kotaku)