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Super Mario Galaxy Special Preorder Bonus Coin Status Update Report

Super Mario Galaxy special preorder bonus coin A week or so ago Nintendo put out a press release announcing that people who preorder the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii at participating retailers would receive a special preorder bonus coin that features artwork from the new game.  Such a neat collectible, right?  Sure would be nice to know just which retailers are participating so I knew where to preorder the game because Nintendo sure isn't telling us in that press release of theirs.

Now through Nov. 11, stop by a participating retailer and place a deposit to reserve your copy of the magnificent Super Mario Galaxy™ for Wii™. Your cosmic bounty will be great: When you return to retrieve your game on its Nov. 12 launch, you will claim a limited-edition shimmering silvery Mario™ coin, an eternal testament to your foresight.

Fortunately for us, someone out there apparently e-mailed Nintendo for more details and posted the reply at of all places.  According to this unverified message the participating retailers include AAFES,, Circuit City, Fred Meyer, Fry's Electronics, Game Crazy, GameStop, Kmart, LaCuracao, Marines, Meijer, Navy, Nintendo World Store, RC Willie, Sam', Sears, ShopKo, Target, Toys R Us, Transworld, and  If that's not enough proof for you, Amazon has updated their Super Mario Galaxy catalog page with word of a "special bonus" included with the game.  That was enough for me; I preordered it last night.  Here's hoping all the fuss over this coin turns out to be worth it.