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Spot The Fakes: Memory Card Edition

Senator VreenakBack in the days or yore when our bits were a mere eight we didn't need no new-fangled external memory storage devices.  No sir, we had our password and our battery-backed saved games directly on cartridges and we liked it!  But then when cartridges gave way to unwritable discs we were forced to adapt to spending extra money when purchasing a console in order to acquire memory cards with which to save our game progress.  Now we're bitter.  But beyond bitterness we're also cheap thrifty, so when the Nintendo Wii demands a SD card for freeing up internal flash memory or the Sony PlayStation Portable needs more than a few megabytes for video content, we like to get good deals on memory cards.  Unfortunately there's a whole sea of counterfeit memory cards out there.  Can you spot the fakes?

As fake memory cards have now proliferated throughout the marketplace, it is important to be able to spot a fake.

Why should you care?

  • Inferior quality card - you're not getting what you paid for
  • No warranty - when the card fails, you're out of luck
  • Fake cards sometimes have invalid partition sizes, making it likely to fail
  • It will drive costs of genuine cards up

As if counterfeit games weren't enough, now we have to watch out for counterfeit memory cards.  Is nothing sacred anymore?