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Nintendo Wi-Fi Connector Finally Supports Windows Vista

Nintendo Wi-Fi ConnectorIt's taken about a year, but Nintendo has finally updated the software that drives the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connector so that it now works with computers running Windows Vista in addition to Windows XP.  You remember the connector, right?  It allows gamers without a wireless network to use a PC to act as a bridge between Nintendo Wii and DS consoles and the Internet.  Is anyone still using this connector?  Was anyone ever using it?  Besides me, I mean.  After my Windows XP PC died earlier this year I bought a new machine that came with Vista installed, but the incompatibility between the operating system and the connector pushed me into the world of wi-fi routers where I find I'm much happier (especially considering the headaches I put up with trying to get the connector to play nice with the Wii).  I wound up giving my disused connector to a co-worker last month to pass on to her preteen son.  Someone should be getting some use out of it.  Or trying to get some use out of it, anyways.

(via 4 Color Rebellion)