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Neo-Geo Times Threeo

Fatal Fury Nintendo and SNK have finally chosen a start date for vintage Neo-Geo content on the Wii's Virtual Console.  Starting Monday, October 8, 2007 players can download one of SNK's most popular fighting games for 900 Wii Points.  Clear some Wii memory blocks for Fatal Fury: Art of Fighting World Heroes!

Huh?  You say that's actually three separate games called Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, and World Heroes?  Well, that can't be right because if it were that would mean that SNK is dumping three games in the same damn genre on a single day to kickoff the platform's retro launch.  Did Hudson shove all three TurboGrafx-16 Bonk games onto the service all at once?  Did Nintendo put us into simultaneous Super Mario overload?  Now granted that Neo-Geo fans can be a little more die-hard than the rest of us (that probably comes with the expensive territory that is collecting Neo-Geo titles), but I just don't get the incentive behind buying what is essentially the same game three times for $9 a pop at the same time.  Why not break things up a little?  Give us Fatal Fury on Monday, sure, but why not mix it up and offer Magician Lord alongside it?  Maybe with a shooter like Aero Fighters 2?  There has to be some variety otherwise I'd expect gamers hungry for some Neo-Geo action to pick only one of Monday's offerings and then move on.