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MySims Review At AMN

MySimsIf I've taken anything away from my time with Electronic Arts's MySims for the Nintendo Wii it's that I don't like to build furniture.  MySims is full of furniture, too.  As you can imagine, this wasn't the most enjoyable review assignment

Most of the gameplay revolves around building furniture. Various shapes of building blocks and other fun components are displayed onscreen, allowing the player to grab each block with the Wii remote and maneuver it according to a blueprint. Blocks can be rotated and turned to build, for instance, a chair. Various essences (red apples, stone, and other such things) are used during construction and design to give objects a special flare. The town's personality is defined and measured by the types of essences on display, allowing the player to shape the city as he or she sees fit.

Incidentally, this is my first review for AMN since the management revamped our review format.  The old 2,000 word format is out, replaced with smaller to-the-point reviews of around a mere 500 words.  Oddly enough, the new format means that my mini-reviews here at PTB are longer than my "full" AMN reviews.  At first I was concerned about the change.  How could I convey my full thoughts on a game with 1,500 words tied behind my back?  Fortunately, MySims really only has enough content to fill 500 words worth of discussion, so I suppose I should thank Electronic Arts for making the transition a little easier.