Bionic Commando Swings Back
Nine Years After Yoshi's Story

Metroid Sighting #1017

Metroid jellyfish Still think the interstellar adventures of Samus Aran are pure fiction?  Then take a look a this newly discovered jellyfish with its energy-sucking tentacles, distinctive red coloring, and clear top protecting a brain-like mass.  Look familiar?  Listen closely and you can already hear the horrifying "Screee!" shriek of impending doom.

This handout photo made available in Manila by the University of Alaska shows a deep sea jellyfish found by a US-Philippines underwater expedition in the Celebes Sea.

Up next: the discovery of a large spiny Kraid-like lizard.  Say, I wonder how close these Metroid jellyfish are to a certain tourist island in Dubai.  Surely there's a mascot opportunity waiting to happen.