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Improve Your Street Fighter III Skills

Street Fighter III: Third StrikeFor as much as I enjoy a rousing round of Street Fighter II (or one of its many variations) and Street Fighter Alpha (or one of its many variations), I've never gotten around to playing Street Fighter III (or one of its many... you get the idea).  "One of these days..." I tell myself as I look at the non-literal stack of games I keep meaning to try at some point.  I may have to get moving now though because a PTB reader sent in a link to this guide about how to improve one's Street Fighter III: Third Strike skills and I figured it was worth a mention.

I remember when I was a kid and Street Fighter II swept the home console scene when it debuted on the Super NES in 1992.  I had a subscription to GamePro at the time and over a four issue period the magazine included supplements that mapped out each world warrior's techniques and skills.  I wasn't into fighting games at the time, but a friend of mine convinced his grandmother to spring for the game (and she wasn't all that pleased when she found out about the violent content a few days later).  Between the two of us we had everything we needed to slam each other to bits over and over again across the world stage, he with Ryu and I with Blanka.  Good times.