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Final Fantasy VII Remake Patiently Waits

Final Fantasy VIIThere seems to be a lot of pent-up demand for Square-Enix to put Final Fantasy VII on the list of franchise games to be remade.  The original Sony PlayStation version of the game certainly has a loud and ardent fan base, and while the company has teased the idea of a new generation remake of the game, so far the project isn't officially in development.  Gamer's Block takes a look at the idea of remaking the game and puts forth the idea that the time for such a project is now.

There is a large market out there for this game. The PlayStation 3 has not been doing as well as expected and a game that has had such a commercial success in the past is perhaps an answer to that problem. If Square were to release the game, it would be sure to make millions, as well as help to generate sales for the PlayStation 3. If the game looks as good as the two minute demo looks, then it would be sure to truly show off the capabilities that are present on the PlayStation 3. There is such a tremendous amount of memory space available to achieve an ever greater look to the game than what was available on the original PlayStation.

To sum it up, if the company does not want to be harassed then they shouldn’t tease gamers with the possibility of an actual release. Has there ever been a game shrouded in so much secrecy that the very creation of the game is a mystery?

Personally, I believe that we will see a Final Fantasy VII remake eventually.  When, you ask?  Someday Square-Enix will find itself on hard times and will require a rapid increase in revenue.  That's when we'll see the game reborn (and not a minute before).