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Bring Home Retro Pixelated Simon Belmont

'Pixel' Simon Mini Figure Did you see the limited edition pixelated Simon Belmont figurines that were made available at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year?  Did you want one?  Here's your chance.  Preorder the upcoming Sony PlayStation Portable title Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles at GameStop or EB Games and you'll get a pixel Simon of your own.  Did I just advocate preordering from GameStop?  Ugh, I feel so dirty.

The "Pixel" Simon Mini Figure is based on the look of the original Castlevania vampire hunter, Simon Belmont, and how he appeared on the original 8-Bit NES platform. This figure is a non-poseable resin mini-figure that stands about 3" tall.

Just like when the company offered a preorder bonus package for Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin last year, I had to spring for pixelated Simon.  Help!  The dirt's not coming off!

(via Poison Mushroom)