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And My Sega Dreamcast Discs Don't Work Either!

Turbo CD Wii I love reading interviews in which the interviewer asks unusual and seldom-asked questions.  Anybody can ask about a developer's next major project, but it's the questions about minutiae and quirky topics that often make for the best reading.  Unless, of course, the questions lack a certain, oh, how to say it... common sense.  Consider this interview with Hudson Entertainment's John Lee regarding Turbo CD games coming to Nintendo's Virtual Console.  Everything's going great up until this gem of an inquiry:

NWR: Is there any chance of a special Wii channel where we can play our original Turbo CD game media on the system?

JL: There are no plans for the Wii to be changed so that it will play any of the original Turbo CD games.

Now there's a Wii feature that I'd never even considered.  Someone should get to work on fixing that right away.  And maybe they should widen the Wii's disc slot a little while they're at it so that my old Super NES game paks will fit in there.  I've had a hell of a time shaving away the plastic to get them to fit inside properly.