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Link's Crossbow Tech Demo

Weekly Poll: Social Networking

Weekly Poll for 9-04-2007 I know I certainly want more time to play the video games I already have.  I have a small stack of games that I actually do want to finish, but who has time for that with Metroid Prime 3 taking my attention?  And if I don't hurry and finish it, something else will swoop in and knock Samus into the "to-do pile" alongside such heroes as Link and the name of the guy from Elebits.

Multiplayer player gaming is all the rage lately as it seems most every game that comes out these days has multiplayer options of some sort.  I'm at a slight disadvantage with that, as I don't have any local friends who enjoy gaming.  If I want to play against other people then I have to turn my attention to online gaming.  How about you?  Do you play mostly single-player games or do you have local friends to engage in a match?  Or, like me, must you turn to the online world for a little action?  Let's hear your thoughts.