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EA's Prank Wars

EA's Prank Wars If you had a stressful job at Electronic Arts, how would you relax and blow off steam?  How about an old fashioned prank war?  EA Tiburon (the division that brings you the many Madden and Tiger Woods titles year after year) recently spoke with the Orlando Sentinel and outlined all kinds of crazy shenanigans that go on during hectic times (there's video of the crazy capers, too).

Hyder and a few colleagues planned to make their boss' door disappear by putting foam in the doorframe and over the window, and painting it to match the wall.

Holt wanted Hyder to think bigger. So he proposed placing drywall over the wall. Holt called his neighbor, the owner of a construction company, and a short time later, a contractor came by to pop the door out, frame it up and drywall it.

The group placed a rolling white board in front of where the door had been, so the boss wouldn't immediately notice the missing door. "He just stood there dumbstruck staring at the place where the door should be," Hyder said. "We were laughing hysterically. We had the door back within an hour and a half. But it doesn't close properly."

No worries; I'm sure they'll fix that door for next year's prank war.