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Don't Be A Sloucher, Send Me A Metroid Friend Voucher

Samus Aran So, are you enjoying Metroid Prime 3: Corruption?  I'm still early on in the adventure (having just acquired a certain frozen projectile weapon), but I've already been awarded a few Friend Vouchers.  You know about Friend Vouchers, right?  Doing the Galactic Federation's dirty work awards players with special tokens that are used to purchase bonus unlockables.  Red tokens are gained from scanning creatures, blue tokens come from reading lore, yellow tokens appear after defeating bosses, and green tokens... well, when it comes to green tokens, I'm at the mercy of other Metroid players.  See, green tokens begin life as Friend Vouchers that are awarded for completing special unannounced tasks.  Now, I cannot use these vouchers myself.  I have to send them to other Metroid players in my Wii's address book.  Those vouchers show up in a friend's inbox as green tokens.  Likewise, my Metroid-equipped friends in my address book can send me their vouchers which turn into green tokens that I can spend.  Got it?

That's a long convoluted explanation that ends with this pitch to send me your extra friend vouchers.  Give a little and you'll get a little, as I'll be sending out vouchers as I collect them as well.   Feel like being generous?   Send me your Wii Friend Code, register my code (6772-9850-9752-7247) on your Wii, and then we'll get down to business.  As for the game itself, I find that I'm actually enjoying it.  The new control scheme beats the old control stick hands-down.