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Beyond Beeps: Aero The Acrobat

Beyond Beeps

Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong rock out Sure, you can hum the overworld theme from Super Mario Bros. on command and can hear the Legend of Zelda underworld dungeon music in your head whenever you go downstairs into the forboding basement, but there's really so much more to gaming music than that.  We all love the music from games such as Castlevania and Mega Man, but there are so many other fantastic gaming soundtracks out there that deserve a little attention at long last.  Beyond Beeps is a new section here at Press The Buttons that aims to do just that.  I'll be sharing some of my more esoteric soundtrack favorites and providing a little commentary as you expand your game music horizons.  Sit back, crank up the volume, and let the music overwhelm you.  Synth has never sounded so good.