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Why Won't You Be A Good Robot And Die?

Zero I was just thinking about the Mega Man X series of video games and about how sad it was in that one game when X's best friend and fellow Maverick hunter, Zero, died.  Remember that?  No, in that other game.  No, the other one.  Say, just how many times has Zero died anyways?  Leave it to Miranda Paugh at the Mega Man Homepage to offer a tally.

Someone asked me once why I keep mentioning that Zero dies a lot, and asked for a list of all of the times that Zero has kicked the bucket. So I decided one day to sit down and go through the games, noting either games where Zero “dies” during the game itself, or he spends at least part of the game out of commission. (Note: “Death” doesn’t mean his body was completely obliterated, just that he was rendered non-functional. Since Reploids aren’t humans, you can’t really say a Reploid “dies” at all, so this just means he’s put out of commission and has to be rebuilt.)

Of course Zero dies all the time.  That's what happens to pretentious warrior robots.