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Weekly Poll: Warhawked

Weekly Poll for 7-30-2007I'm still unconvinced regarding Nintendo's upcoming Wii Fit.  Most of you seem willing to give it a chance, so it's not exactly a total write-off, but I remain skeptical.  I keep coming back to the idea that had this game been released five years ago it would have been Super Mario Fitness and featured step aerobics led by Princess Peach, while the soccer mini-game would have had Bob-bombs swapped out for the soccer balls.

While I was away word came out that the new Warhawk for the Sony PlayStation 3 will cost $40 to download from the PlayStation Network, while an off-the-shelf disc copy of the game will cost $60 (but will come bundled with a Bluetooth headset).  Talk about sticker shock!  My question for you this week: if you were to buy Warhawk, which version of the game would you choose?  Would it be the more expensive offering with the bonus hardware and a disc that'll last forever if you treat it well?  Or would you go for the cheaper option that may well stay bound to your PS3's hard drive for eternity?  Cast your vote and leave some comments.