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Weekly Poll for 8-20-2007Super Metroid looks to be the favorite Samus Aran adventure, something with which I wholeheartedly agree.  Whenever friends would come over to play Nintendo way back in the day we'd always compete with Super Mario Kart and Kirby's Dream CourseSuper Metroid never made the cut.  Yes, it's a single-player adventure, but it wasn't uncommon for us to play single-player games as a team, e.g. one person at the controller and the other serving as "navigator" with a strategy guide.  No, Super Metroid was mine and mine alone; I didn't want any help conquering the secrets within. 

Now, between new iterations of hardware and price cuts on existing stock this seems to be a good time to jump aboard a new console or handheld unit.  Are you counting your pennies and planning a raid on Best Buy?  If so, which console or handheld will be your next purchase?  Let's hear of your magnificent plans.