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Trophies Out, Stickers In For Brawl

UPDATE: Trophies are back after all!

StickersRemember the trophy collection from Super Smash Bros. Melee?  Wasn't it fun to collect and view the high quality 3D models of various Nintendo characters and items?  Well, it looks like it's time to move on.  Super Smash Bros. Brawl will have us all collecting stickers seemingly based on Nintendo promotional artwork instead

I’d like to introduce a new collection element to the game—stickers. Yes, the ones you slap on your notebook or skateboard or whatever. Stickers. Stickers are easier to get a hold of than trophies. Just play the game and you’ll start to earn them as rewards. Stickers get filed away in your album. There are big ones and small ones, all with different kinds of artwork. There’s a ton of variety. This is a fun extra mode where you can enjoy decorating things by putting stickers on them. You can even make single frame comics with them.

Single frame comics?  If you listen very closely you can hear the sound of a thousand crappy Internet sprite-based comic strips springing into existence.  You'll know the sound when you hear it.  Just listen for the soul being sucked out of your favorite gaming characters for the sake of a pathetic toilet-related joke.

Wow, bitter today, aren't I?  That's what happens when you take a man's trophy collection away.