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Top 10 Video Game Remakes Reviewed

Super Mario All-StarsRemaking a video game can be a dicey proposition.  Remake a game too soon and fans cry foul at being encouraged to "double dip" (DVD buyers know this pain all too well).  Wait too long to remake a game and the target audience has most likely moved on to other things.  It's all about timing.  Lucas DeWoody at AMN has put together a stellar list of the ten best video game remakes, hitting obvious classics like Super Mario All-Stars and more recent affairs such as Prince of Persia Classic.

Gameloft recreated the entire [Prince of Persia] game from scratch, replicating the original control scheme (for better or for worse) to the smallest detail, yet managed to smooth out annoying issues that plagued the original version. The visual style was reinvented to more closely resemble the modern installments in the series, and all the cut scenes were reanimated in beautiful 3D along with a brand new orchestral soundtrack composed by Arnaud Galand. Checkpoints were added along with a ghost to race your best completion times, and so much more. As a remake that appeals to veteran’s nostalgia while catching the wavering eye of the inexperienced, few remakes hit the nail on the head quite like this one.

I can't disagree with anything on the list, although I can suggest a few (more) additions.  Mega Man: Powered Up for the Sony PlayStation Portable is the best classic Mega Man game to appear since the early 1990s, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for the Nintendo GameCube was an amazing improvement over the Sega Dreamcast original back in the day, and we cannot forget Super Mario 64 DS with its new levels and additional playable characters.  Looking ahead, Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles is coming, too.  Who says you can't teach an old game new tricks?