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Sony PlayStation PortableEither Sony is very stubborn or they just aren't getting the message.  The company announced a video store for the Sony PlayStation Portable today which will allow users to download movies such as Spider-Man and Ghost Rider along with television content and other such things directly to the PSP for a fee (either a subscription or pay-per-view).  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe we've already tried and rejected the whole "watch movies on PSP" thing when we didn't rush out to Best Buy and raid the UMD shelf.  Now they're trying it again, only this time it sounds like it'll be up to us to provide the storage space (hello, expensive Memory Stick Pro Duo) and we'll have to pay each time we want to watch the movie.  If we didn't go for movies on UMDs (which, as you'll recall, are a one-time purchase and provide their own storage space), why would we go for this?

Here's hoping Sony can sweeten the deal somehow, because as it stands right now, without knowing more details I can say that this video store concept doesn't interest me at all.  I probably don't have to worry though, as so far the store is just for Europeans to partake.  Sony's American arm is supposedly investigating a similar service for the USA, but personally I think they're solving the wrong problem.  I'd rather see PS1 games offered as direct downloads for the PSP instead of another overpriced helping of Spider-Man.