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Sega Genesis All-Star Classics Poll Of Awesome

Sega Genesis 3Put down your motion-controlled remotes and wireless controllers for a moment.  Unplug the fancy HDMI cords and scooch a little closer to the television.  It's Sega Genesis time!  "Sixfortyfive" of the NeoGAF forums is asking folks to vote for their favorite Sega Genesis games.  Just pick your favorites the massive list of games, order them by rank, and then wait a week for the results.  C'mon, what else do you have to do on a Monday morning?

What started out as a quest to list all of the Genesis / Mega Drive games I've wanted to play but haven't got around to yet culminated into a bigger internet project of sorts. Here's the deal: I want you to vote on your favorite games for the Gen/MD.

The script is fairly sophisticated; it allows you to pick as many games as you want and then assigns points to each game according to how you rank them. Your favorite game gets 21 points, 2nd favorite gets 20, and so on. All games you rank below 20th get 1 point each. Results will be displayed according to this point system along with standard first-past-the-post and instant runoff results and more. Polls in this format have been run at a few other forums I frequent and they usually yield very good results, so I wanted to try one myself. If nothing else, I suppose this could serve as a general Virtual Console recommendation thread for the games that apply.  There are mechanisms in place to prevent cheating. If you vote more than once, all of your votes will be deleted.

The usual major titles such as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Castlevania: Bloodlines made my list of nineteen games, but I also had to include both Aero the Acrobat games as well as the best Genesis game you never played (unless you live outside North America or never had access to the Sega Channel), Mega Man: The Wily Wars.  If there's any Genesis game that needs a Virtual Console release, it's Wily Wars.