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Online Again, Wirelessly

Netgear WGR614 After months of careful deliberation, a busy schedule, and a dash of laziness I finally took the plunge and bought a wireless router so I can get my Nintendo Wii back online (along with my Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable).  I went with the Netgear WGR614 which, so far, has worked perfectly.  The Wii connects without any problem and is able to maintain a connection better than the old Nintendo Wi-Fi Connector dongle I had been using.  My Wii has been offline since March, meaning that I had a few months of Virtual Console titles and system updates to check out.  I'm now up to date on firmware and have downloaded my first Nintendo 64 game from the service.  I'm happy to say that the Classic Controller has found a home with F-Zero X.   Thanks to everyone who offered their advice on which router to buy.