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Nintendo Tinkers With DS Lite Screens?

Nintendo DS Lite We all know that Nintendo loves to tinker with their hardware long after their consoles and handheld units hit the market, but if "The Mighty Schwein" of the NeoGAF forums is correct then Nintendo may have done some tinkering for the worse.  The allegation?  The new black and red DS Lite features inferior screens compared to older DS Lite models.  Behold, the supposed proof!

So after having seen 3 of the new red/black DS Lite systems (aka Brain Age 2 bundle) it has come to my attention that Nintendo has almost definitely changed the LCD screens in either some or all DS Lite systems. Apparently, I'm the only one noticing this (which is pretty odd..) and it's even possible that these new LCD screens have been making their way into DS Lite systems for many months now. If they are making their way in now then it should only be a matter of time before they all have this new screen.

Oh, did I mention the new screens aren't as good as the old ones? Whoops. So whats going on at the Big N? Cutting cost to maximize profit for the holiday season? Are the 3 I've seen simply from a bunk batch of DS Lites? Hard questions to answer.

The picture from the forum post is pretty damning if it's accurate.  Here's a wild theory from left field: seeing as how the black and red DS Lites are bundled with Brain Age 2 and considering that the target market for this bundle is mainly the casual gamer, perhaps Nintendo decided to dump these less-than-impressive screens from a particular manufacturer into units that will be played by people who may not know any better.  We follow the gaming industry and keep tabs on this sort of thing, but person who buys the bundle solely for "one of them brain training machines" may not be aware of the poor quality screens when compared to other DS Lites and, moreover, may not even care.