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Forbidden Cookie Factory Was A Secret To Everybody

Super Mario GalaxyPsst, hey you.  Yeah, you.  Wanna see a level from Super Mario Galaxy that Nintendo doesn't want you to see?  A clip of a place known as the Cookie Factory filmed this week at GC (Games Convention) in Germany is flying around the Internet, and if you stay tuned to the end of the video you'll hear a Nintendo representative tell the cameraman that he cannot film this particular level.  The Internet at large seems to be having a laugh over the issue, and rightly so.  I've said it to Capcom, I've said it to Square-Enix, and now I'll say it to Nintendo: if you don't want the media to see something, don't show the secret material at a media event!

By the way, the Cookie Factory was quietly available back at E3, too, with the same restrictions not to film it (or see it, for that matter).  Apparently it's locked away in the demo and not accessible from the main demo menu, but there must still a way to access it.  I say this because I saw what looked like the Cookie Factory in action at Barker Hanger for just a moment before a Nintendo representative told the guy playing the demo (unsupervised, of course) that people weren't allowed to see the level.  Somehow the player knew how to get into the forbidden world.  Someone standing nearby filming the gameplay action was told to turn off his camera.  The representative then promptly reset the demo and sent the Cookie Factory back to the shadows where it remained a secret... until now.  So take that, Nintendo!  Today we know about your secret interstellar cookie factory.  Just imagine what we'll learn tomorrow.