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Senator Wiinak How do you know when you've created a successful product?  Why, when less scrupulous companies create imitation knock-off versions of your golden goose, of course.  Such things are nothing new to the video game industry, but this is the first instance of Wii fakery (fakerwii?) that I've seen.  4 Color Rebellion's Greg spotted a Wii remote wannabe in his local Wal-Mart that oh-so-badly wants you to believe that it's the genuine article, but it is actually a crummy little LED football game.  That's just sad.  Considering the toy's size, I have to wonder if it's even playable.  I wouldn't expect it to be fun or fair, mind you, but I assume it must beep and display something on that tiny screen.  I wonder if the buttons are even connected to anything.  I'd like to suggest that if you come across this item in the wild that you don't buy it.  Of course it won't be any fun to play, but let's not encourage this type of thing even just for the curiosity and/or mocking value.