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Doctor Who Game Coming? Fantastic! But...

Doctor Who I spend a week ill in bed only to come back and find out that the BBC is taking my advice again.  Just a few weeks ago I put forth the idea that we need a video game based on the revived sci-fi series Doctor Who and now comes word that Eidos is working on just such a project for the Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, mobile phones, and PC.  But wait a minute, I must still be wacky on pain medication.  According to GameSpot, the game is actually some kind of card battle thing.  Eidos isn't saying much about the game beyond the fact that it will be "extremely loyal to the Top Trumps brand," no doubt because if we did know more our hearts would break.

There is a huge variety of Top Trumps card games with pop-culture themes, including WWE, Manchester United Football Stars, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. In each, cards feature characters or vehicles with scores for attributes such as speed and stamina. The starting player chooses a category and uses his or her top-scoring card, and all other players must try to beat it with one of their cards. The winner then collects cards from all other players, and the ultimate winner is the person who ends up with the whole pack of cards.

No platforming, no adventures, not even an RPG... just card battling.  I'm afraid I just can't get on board with this one.  I'm sorry, BBC and Eidos.  I'm so sorry.