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Wii Photo Channel Is Neat

Wii photo channel I realize that I'm late to the party on this one, but I tried out the Nintendo Wii's photo channel for the first time this morning.  My grandparents were over to visit and I wanted to show them the photos from my E3 trip.  Rather than gathering them around my computer monitor and making them squint to see everything, I loaded the pictures up on a SD card and displayed it all on my comparatively larger television.  I've been neutral regarding the photo channel mainly because it's rare that I have any photos worth displaying.  Now that I've used the channel for its intended purpose, I'm impressed.  I can see myself using the channel more down the line to show off my pictures.  As for my grandparents, I think they were more impressed that I was able to display the photos on TV than they were with the photos themselves.  Once again Nintendo has captured the imagination of the senior citizen demographic.