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What This Country Really Needs, Right Now, Is A Doctor Who Game

Doctor Who Science fiction and video games have enjoyed a special relationship over the years, particularly when it comes to film and television franchises branching out into gaming.  We've had Star Trek games, Star Wars games, an attempt at a Stargate SG-1 game, and more movie tie-in dreck then you can shake a tricorder at, but surprisingly there have only been two games based on the UK's Doctor Who released over the years, and they're both for now-ancient Commodore hardware.  With the revived Doctor Who series setting ratings records in the UK and an international run drawing respectable attention, perhaps it is time for the Doctor and his world to return to gaming.

I started watching the series when it was brought back to life in 2005.  I understand that it has a much longer history though - over forty years worth of stories and productions - but I think any new game based on the Doctor should focus on his latest incarnation and only glancingly draw upon older material (much the way the television series itself does in dealing with the character's older foes) while carefully (re)introducing older unfamiliar concepts for a contemporary audience.  I'd love to see a modern console game focusing around the Tenth Doctor (as this generation of the character is known) and his human traveling companions.  The game could use a new story crafted with the aid of the show's prolific writers or re-enact memorable moments from previous episodes.  Either is fine just as long as I get to face down a Dalek or dodge the Toclafane.  Better yet, how about a Nintendo Wii-specific version that casts the Wii remote itself as the Doctor's trusty sonic screwdriver?

There's loads of potential for a new Doctor Who game, and obviously any firm ideas I come up with are just me spinning my wheels, but if nothing else today I'd like to hope that I'm planting the seed in the mind of someone at the BBC to get the gears turning and make such a project into a reality.  Doctor Who's third season of shows has just finished on the BBC, but thanks to licensing agreements it just begins tonight in the USA on the Sci-Fi Channel.  Consider it recommended.

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