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Weekly Poll: Bargaining

Weekly Poll for 7-02-2007 New big-budget adventures and snippets of rare or canceled projects as WiiWare?  Hmm, seems like we just want more of the same.  Then again, as the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Of course we want more of the same when "the same" is more often than not a lot of fun.  We still have a while to wait before WiiWare is unwound, but in the meantime we can wish and wonder.  (Note to self: look up more words that start with "W".)

With E3 week upon us at long last there's going to be a lot of games on display that will eventually push the sale of new consoles.  Both Sony and Microsoft have announced (or are about to announce; there's that E3 tease again) some new deals for their respective consoles.  The PlayStation 3 drops $100 in price, but if you wait another month or so you can pick up a PS3 with a larger hard drive and Motorstorm included for the former price.  Then with Microsoft you have the newly extended warranty for Xbox 360 consoles, plus there's strong talk of the company announcing a price cut of its own at E3 for later in the year.  Which of these options is the better bargain?  Getting more for your money or taking the economical way out?  Let's hear your thoughts.