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Kirby's Dream CourseI haven't been commenting on releases on the Virtual Console for the Nintendo Wii because there are a multitude of websites out there dedicated to covering and discussing the trickle of retro gaming goodness we get every week, but this week I'm going to speak out and make a simple demand of all of you.  Kirby's Dream Course is one of this week's addition to the Virtual Console in North America, so that means you must all get on the Wii Shop Channel right now and buy it.  Originally for the Super NES, Dream Course is my favorite mini-golf video game of all time.  It's even more fun with two players, mostly because it's possible (and encouraged) to knock the other player around when it's your turn to play.  There's a simple storyline that has something to do with King Dedede, but the game is all about careful planning, smart uses of power-ups, and old fashioned luck.  You have your orders.  Now get to it!