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Dewy's Adventure Preview At AMN

Dewy We've seen a lot of unusual and unlikely video game heroes over the years: speedy hedgehogs, enchanted coats, circus bats, and whatever the hell Kirby is, just to name a few.  Why not a drop of water?  The team from Konami that brought us Elebits is hard at work on their next big project, Dewy's Adventure for the Nintendo Wii.  I had the opportunity to play a demo of the game at E3 last week which must mean that AMN has just published my thoughts on the matter.

Dewy's Adventure has a major cute factor going for it, as the character designs in the demo were dripping with personality. Dewy himself is the happiest game character we've seen in ages. Sliding Dewy around the land takes a little practice, but with a little practice he becomes easy to control. Being able to change Dewy's state of matter is an inspired idea and adds some depth to what would otherwise be a one-note idea.

I'm looking forward to seeing where the developers take Dewy.  The demo was short and sweet (and adorable), but there's plenty of potential in the concept itself.  If the finished product is as fun and innovative as Elebits, I think we'll all be in for a treat.