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The Castlevania Adventure So you procrastinated and dragged your feet on preordering Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin last year and missed out on the collectible limited edition commemorative anniversary [insert rare adjective here] booklet packed with the original artwork from twenty years of Castlevania lore.  In the olden days or yore you'd be out of luck, but we live in modern times with modern people who have access to modern scanners.  Allow me to direct your attention to the Vampire Killer website, a corner of the Internet loaded with scans of Castlevania artwork.  Yes, it has the Portrait preorder booklet.  Yes, it has Symphony of the Night artbook.  Yes, it has the Castlevania Legends instruction manual.  Yes, it has the Nintendo Power cover for Castlevania II: Simon's Quest that scarred so many young children for life.  Yes, it has... well, it has just about everything.  Impressive!

We can't promise constant or even regular updates; translation takes a lot of time, and scanning is limited to items on hand. You'll notice that the gallery is quite large, but doesn't include every Castlevania or Kojima image that's commonly available on the internet. That's because 100% of the images on this site were scanned by me in at least 300dpi, making the image quality far superior to what you'll find elsewhere. If I don't own it, I can't scan it!

Talk about a labor of love.  The artwork of Castlevania has always been fantastic eye candy, so it's easy to lose an hour or so clicking one's way through the website's many galleries.  Don't miss the lesser known but still nifty Castlevania phone card imagery in the "miscellaneous" section.

(via Racketboy forum)