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Best And Worst Of E3 2007 At AMN

Super Mario Galaxy With the E3 2007 party wagon long gone into the sunset the time has come for us at AMN to hand out the cheers and jeers with our picks for the best and the worst of the show.  Who won for Best Trailer?  Best Press Conference?  The answers wait within.

With E3 2007 in the past, we’re taking a moment to award some of the show’s best and worst games. What’s more, there are awards for the best press conference, worst press conference, as well as an assortment of other categories to name, too.

The awards below were voted upon by the attending AMN E3 staff. The criteria for each game category was simple: a game had to be at the show in playable form by either attendees or by a developer or publisher, and we had to see it being played ourselves. There is only one category a game did not have to be playable to win an award in: Best Trailer. Furthermore, for multiplatform games, we are awarding the version that was playable at the show.

It wasn't easy to pick winners for this, mostly because there were some categories that I believed had no winner this year.  I don't even remember playing a traditional puzzle game at E3, let alone playing one that deserved to be labeled as the best of the show.  Then again, knowing me, if I were the only voice that mattered on these awards then I'd just choose Super Mario Galaxy and Ratchet and Clank Future for everything and call it a day.