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Weekly Poll: HD For Me

Weekly Poll for 6-22-2007It may be cheating to use controller macros, but I now know that using such conveniences seriously sucks the fun and challenge out of a game.  Once I realized I could map special moves in Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX to a single button, I began to bring the pain to every match I played.  Every encounter ended with an easily performed super combo.  I was winning every time, yes, but it wasn't fun anymore.  The enjoyment comes from the possibility of losing and the challenge of trying to win.  Guaranteed victories are hollow.  Now I am unstoppable when playing as Akuma, but what's the point?

Moving along, I've finally joined the high definition world with a new HDTV.  I don't actually have any HD content yet (first things first, after all), but so far I've been enjoying the larger screen and widescreen formatting that my old regular television could not provide.  My question to you all this week is about whether or not you own a high definition television.  So, do you?  How do you like it?  Or, conversely, what's keeping you from buying one?  Let's here some comments after you cast your vote in the sidebar.