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American DS Web Browser Underwhelms

Nintendo DS Browser The long-awaited Nintendo DS web browser has finally come to North America (Japan and Europe have had it for some time now), but the rumors that the American version would include Flash and Java capabilities aren't true.  Such a shame, as the browser seems more like an afterthought now more than ever.  MikeTheBSG over at NeoGAF took the plunge and has this to say on the matter:

I know that some of you were interested in the US version of the DS web browser. Well I happened to pick it up a few hours with it. Unfortunately the rumor that the browser supports Flash and Java are incorrect. It's the exact same browser that was released in other territories. Though it takes sites that are image heavy a while to load it's not as long as previously mentioned, probably because the US network is up. CNN took a little over a minute to load and NeoGAF was less than half a minute. Probably the best way to browse is to turn off the images, then once you're where you want to be, turn it back on.  Like the PSP, it's a nice portable free browser you can use in hotspots or you're at home and too lazy to get to the computer, or just some quick info.

I was looking forward to getting the DS browser, but knowing now that it's such a lackadaisical effort and considering that I now have a Sony PlayStation Portable that includes a much better browser in terms of features, I'm going to pass on this one.  Can't win 'em all, Nintendo.