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TurboGrafx-16 Library Definitively Defined

BonkThe TurboGrafx-16 content just keeps on coming at Retrogaming, where today the focus is on the games that defined the system.  Some you know (Bonk's Adventure, Gates of Thunder (to which other shooters just don't compare)), some you probably don't (Military Madness, Soldier Blade), and some you never had the opportunity to play (Akumajou Dracula X, Chi no Rondo (Demon Castle Dracula X, Rondo of Blood)).

Gates of Thunder was the opening salvo for the TG-16 CD in the US. Released as part of a 4-in-1 CD with the first 2 Bonk Games and a hidden Bomberman game, Gates of Thunder was packed in with both the Super System 3.0 card and the new TurboDuo (TG-16, CD attachment, and Super System Card 3.0, all in one slim form factor). The Super System Card enabled a lot more than shooters, but shooters, graphically and musically, are where the system, as usual, shone most brightly.

I recognize a lot of these games from the Virtual Console, meaning that a lot of seemingly obscure treasure has been brought back around for a second chance.  It's an impressive list, but I can't help notice the omission of one of my favorite TG-16 games: New Adventure Island.  Nobody dares forget Master Higgins!  Despite this insult of the highest degree, this article is still worth a read.  Next time, however, I may not be so forgiving.