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The Great Title Hunt

UHF MTV's Stephen Totilo is a man on a mission.  He's searching for video games that meet his very selective criteria.  Can you help him out?

I'm looking for things that I think might have been in video games. They certainly could have been in video games. But I'm not sure.  Starting today but continuing as long as I can, I'm going to build a list of stuff that's got to be out there. Let me know which games I can find these things in and I'll update this list accordingly -- and give proper credit, of course.

Kicking things off is a search for racing games that feature speed bumps, games that recreate moments from Raiders of the Lost Ark (other than the famous boulder sequence), video games that fall into the "biography" genre, RPGs with mages who are not attractive women or wise old men, and games in which a poor frame rate is used as artistic expression.  I came up with a few answers, but maybe you can do better.  The list will be updated and new challenges will be added as time goes on.