Be Careful What You Wish For, Nintendo
Third Time's The Charm For "Sonic RPG"?

Tesla Techno Tunes

Spark Man Thanks to the power of the Internet we can all experience the fruits of someone else's free time.  Today that fruit comes to us in the form of a musical presentation of memorable video game tunes performed on Tesla coils. The Geek Group has posted a bunch of videos on YouTube of their custom musical Tesla coils performing the greatest hits from Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Gargoyle's Quest, and a bunch of non-game music (theme from Beetlejuice anyone?).  They've even offered an eleven minute explanation of the sorcery science that makes it all work.  A few of my favorite clips are posted below. 

(via Fark)

Super Mario Bros. (Overworld theme)

Tetris (Type A theme)