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Third Time's The Charm For "Sonic RPG"?

Sonic RPGAs if poor Sonic the Hedgehog hasn't had enough problems lately, now Sega and Bioware are tossing him into a new RPG adventure for the Nintendo DS.  Yeah, let's take a character known for his amazing speed and drop him into an adventure involving turn-based combat and menus!  Yes, that's jumping to a pessimistic conclusion, but remember what happened the last time Sega stripped Sonic of his lightning feet?

Sega's tried those whole "Sonic RPG" thing before to some extent.  Once upon a time the company toyed with the idea of taking the Japanese Sega CD RPG Popful Mail and replacing all of its characters with  elements from Sonic the Hedgehog, even going so far as to cast Sonic's unheard-of sister as the star.  Fortunately, Popful fans revolted and Sister Sonic was put to rest before it could do any real damage.  Then there was unheard-of company Panovation's claims that it had secured the rights to create a Sonic MMORPG.  That too turned to dust, as apparently the group hadn't actually licensed anything.  Now Bioware's taking a crack at a blue blur-based RPG  Third time's the charm?