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The Obscure World Of Super Famicom Redux

Super Back to the Future II Last September I directed your attention to Steve and his wondrous forum thread of Super Famicom obscurities.  As often happens with these sorts of things, the forum threat became such a laborious exercise that Steve pulled the plug on new updates and instead channeled his energies into a website packed full of obscure Super Famicom and Sega Saturn curiosities.  Thrill to all new reviews of games such as The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes, Super Back to the Future II, Iron Commando, and Lode Runner Twin!

Most people know that four Spider-Man games, specifically starring the webbed wonder, were made for the SNES. What few know, however, is this Super Famicom exclusive! The game is a side-scrolling action title featuring nine (short) levels. Because he can cling to any wall he touches, Spider-Man feels a bit sticky. Each button is put to use. The web attack is very small and there seems to be an odd delay. This is especially discernible when shooting in mid-air.  Still, the web has its moments. Just don't ever use it during boss battles -- it's way too slow leaving poor Spidey ripe for the pickings. The bosses also have a sixth sense regarding the web shooter. Before he can barely raise his wrist, they're on him like white on rice.

Aside from the rarities, Steve is also reviewing the average run-of-the-mill games of the Super NES library.  Super Metroid, Aladdin, and Rocky Rodent are among the games given a second (or, in some cases, first) look.  Everything is written with a tongue-in-cheek style, meaning that in addition to learning something, you'll also be entertained, and really, isn't that what the Internet is really all about?