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Be Careful What You Wish For, Nintendo

Manhunt 2 So Manhunt 2 has been branded with the notorious "Adults Only" AO rating in North America and outright refused a rating in Great Britain.  Poor Nintendo, saddled with this kind of ratings and content controversy right in the middle of Wii-mania.  I bet the company is wondering who on Earth planted the idea in Manhunt publisher Take-Two's head to publish violent games for the Wii.  Someone out there has a lot to answer for!  Oh, wait a minute...

Talking to MTV this week, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime revealed that Nintendo is in talks with Take-Two Interactive about potential support for the Big N’s upcoming console, Wii.

Fils-Aime told MTV, "We're reaching out to every publisher, frankly every day. I'll be spending some time later today with the folks over at Take Two to see what type of support they can give our console... The fact is there will be M-rated content on the Wii console. EA has already announced that they're bringing 'The Godfather' to our console. And we want every single best-selling game to be available on Wii. Whatever that content is."

Well, Fils-Aime wanted Take-Two's and Rockstar's unique brand of violent mayhem to be developed for the Wii and it looks like he got his wish.  It looks like the developer overshot a little though, as Nintendo refuses to license AO-rated games.  Perhaps he came across a little too enthusiastically at the meeting with Take-Two last year.  Oh well, he has plenty of time to replay the meeting over in his mind while Manhunt 2 undergoes a little censoring and editing.  Amazon.com now lists the game's release date as September 2007.