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M. Bison Video game characters have been transplanted into the world of action figures for years, but how often do gaming characters muscle into someone else's action figure property?  Back in 1993 Hasbro tried to make their G.I. Joe line of toys relevant once again, and one of these attempts was to bring Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and the rest of the Street Fighter 2 team into the Joe team.  Some of the action figures even feature "martial arts action", e.g. springs that let the characters punch and kick.  And guess what?  They even come with accessories! has photos and information on each toy (look under the column on the right marked "Street Fighter 2").

M. Bison came with two black rifles, a black pistol, a green missile launcher (spring loaded, actually fired), two black missiles, an orange grappling hook, a black string, and a black figure stand.  Some versions of M. Bison came with silver shoulder pads.  The grappling hook can be pulled apart into two component pieces.

Hasbro captured the character likenesses for the most part, but some of the toys just don't look quite "right" because most of them were crafted from existing torsos and other body parts that were already in use for other figures from the Joe world.  When Street Fighter: The Movie was released, Hasbro took another run at the characters, crafting variations based on the film's interpretation of the famous figures.  These action figures aren't part of the G.I. Joe line, however, so pitting this version of M. Bison against Cobra Commander for a battle royale is strictly forbidden.