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Who Wants To Get Joost?

JoostHave you heard of Joost?  It's not a game, but considering that it involves sitting in front of a glowing screen, I figured I'd mention it.  Basically, it's a new on-demand service that brings television content (both programming from traditional channels like Comedy Central and VH1 to unique channels like GamestarTV and a channel that plays nothing but Ren and Stimpy) to your Windows PC in fullscreen resolution.  It's all legal and licensed, too.  It also has a lot of buzz right now for some reason.  The service just went into a beta period where it's freely accessible only by invitation.  As it just so happens I have some Joost invitations to hand out, so if you'd like to check out the service and see what it's all about, just reply below with your name and e-mail address.  Joost includes some community options, so maybe we can get a PTB Joost group going if there's any interest.