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Weekly Poll: Something Extra

Weekly Poll for 4-30-2007I don't know what you people are waiting for out there, but you've all got to get yourselves a Nintendo Wii.  Seriously.  As for us enlightened ones, I'm glad to see that we're still playing as often as we were when we got our consoles.   Now granted that a lot of my playing time is spent reviewing a game, but I get in plenty of "me time" too.  Typically I have one Wii game that I focus on at a time plus one Virtual Console game that I play when the Wii game frustrates or confuses me.  For instance, right now I'm nearing the end of both Super Paper Mario and Bonk's Revenge.

So then, what are you Wii-less people waiting for?  A console improvement perhaps?  That brings us to this week's question.  What feature would you like to see added to this generation's gaming systems (either as an add-on or a new hardware design).  High definition visuals for the Wii?  Motion controllers for the Microsoft Xbox 360?  Rumbling controllers for the Sony PlayStation 3?  Cast your vote and leave some comments.